Our Toddler and Preschool programs (from 2 1/2 yrs) 

Potty training
Our goal is to reach a child fully trained by 3 years with parent assistance at home.

Practical Life

  • Develop confidence in their emerging abilities

  • Develop gross motor coordination and fine motor skills

  • Builds a sense of order, discover muscle movement, hand and eye coordination, and independence. Practical Life also includes lessons on Grace and Courtesy, which allow children to practice the language, manners, and skills needed to be peaceful, caring, and empathetic members both of the classroom and the larger community.

  • Scooping, dry and wet pouring helps the child’s concentration. Paring left to right sequence will prepare the child to be organized and prepare for writing.


Hands on activities to differentiate, pair, sort and learn using his/her own different sensors. Children discover geometric shapes, sizes, colors, heat, textures using sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, touch. 

Introduction of Language, colors, numbers and music

  • Vocabulary building, daily word ladders, felt activities, rhymes and sound game with the use of objects

  • Letters and numbers using sand paper letters, movable alphabet.

Language Arts

Prepare the child to excel in reading, writing and to use phrase vocabulary


Montessori and other learning materials to assist child gain mathematical skills in their own pace.


Includes around the world, globe, community helpers, transportation, States of USA, weather and seasons, growth of a plant, puzzles including parts of tree and leaf, ocean life, reefs and water, life cycle of butterfly, frog, habitats and much more

Children will have 20 minutes of music everyday. They will learn rhythm singing and dancing

 Extended Childcare Program- 6+ years

  • Homework Help/ Virtual Learning Monitoring

  • Math Wiz lessons- Montessori Materials to reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Science experiments

  • Creativity Center - Arts, Crafts, STEM educational Magnetic Tiles to make castles and trains, tool table, lace'em up buttons, Play Doh fun and Kinetic Sand, Duplo LEGO train set, Lego table and much more to promote sensorial development

  • Reading Corner and Spelling Bee

  • Playful Sand Table and Rainshower splash pond

  • Games and group activities 

  • Home Ec - Cooking, healthy life style, time management, skills for life

  • School Holiday Field Trips

  • Summer School

  • Outdoor Fun

Knowledge is Power

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