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About Us

Rising Stars is one of a kind. Unlike a standard daycare, we have created  learning in a home environment adopting a preschool curriculum inspired by Montessori for the rates of a standard daycare. Personalized weekly lesson plans are offered to guide child in learning while encouraging them to do their own discoveries. 

Our Philosophy

  • Discover each child's uniqueness and strengths

  • Identify and meets each child's needs and challenges

  • Reinforces each child’s natural abilities in key areas of development, including physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and intellectual

  • Identifies each student’s learning styles and preferences. 

Our Rising Stars

Rising Stars accepts new little ones in the following age groups:

  • Infants - 18months +

  • Young Preschoolers - 2 1/2 years - 3 years

  • Older Preschoolers & Transitional/ Pre-Kindergarten - 3 years - 6 years

  • School Aged - 6+

Meet the Owner

Hello! My name is Ronika and I am the sole owner of Rising Stars Child Care and Preschool. I have an amazing family that I am Blessed with… A loving husband and three beautiful daughters.  


My dream was to someday open my own preschool and I can honestly say it has finally become a reality and loving every minute of it! I not only get to spend  quality time  with children but also use my education and skills for my community. My facility is a warm and inviting home environment for your little ones to feel safe and secure while experiencing the wonders of the world all around them.  

Having my kids in day cares' while being a working parent, my objective now that I have opened my own is to be the daycare that I never had. Open longer hours, accommodating your schedule, having affordable reasonable rates, and providing one on one attention to your precious gift/(s) in a super clean and spacious environment.

Along with basic academics it is important to learn good manners, responsibility, taking ownership, sharing, communication and listening skills, leadership skills and self control. Our daily schedule includes plenty of learning in a prepared environment and free play that allows your child to learn while having fun and exceed their individual potential. Thereby, being well prepared to a life long journey of education and successful future.

Working in Corporate America has given me the insight of the culture not to have in my home business. We will teach appreciation very early on.

My passion  is to be the 1st stepping stone for your child's success. Whether it be potty training, introducing sensory activities, practical life, cutting skills, fostering listening skills, leadership skills problem solving, academics, I consider it of utmost privilege to be a part of it.

As in any learning model your child's attendance and parent involvement makes it easier on the child.  When new skills are introduced or reinforced, having you, your child, and the my self work together makes learning easy and fun.

I look forward to your family becoming a part of ours, here at Rising Stars.

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My Qualifications Include:

Montessori Certified - Woodlands Training Center, Colombo,Sri Lanka - 2003

BSc. in Information Technology and Communications - Edith Cowan University, Australia

Associates of Science in Respiratory Therapy - 2017 - Platt College, Alhambra
Licensed Respiratory Therapist

Licensed Facility

Background Checked

CPR/First Aid Certification

Health and Safety Certification

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